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LIME Corporate: Live Internet Management Editor Content Management System


Make your website fresh and informative - update, change or amend your content as often as you wish. Update product specials and company news, promote upcoming trade days and other events, or even congratulate staff and VIP customers on extraordinary performances.

Developed with a user-friendly interface, LIME Corporate has advanced workflow mechanisms that provide explicit control over the maintenance of specific sections of the website. LIME Corporate has all the features of LIME Lite, a CIBIS product designed for
less complex websites, but is more advanced and is highly customisable, allowing you to tweak the solution to your precise needs and requirements.

- Reduce website operation costs

LIME Corporate improves the speed and efficiency of content creation, allowing you to keep your site fresh, informative and dynamic. 

- Easy Maintenance of High-End, High-Volume Sites

LIME Corporate is designed specifically for complex corporate sites that experience a significant amount of traffic.

- Changes are easy to make

LIME Corporate is designed to be completely user friendly. 

- Sophisticated Editorial Control

LIME Corporate allows authorised administrators complete editorial control.

- Make changes from any Internet terminal

LIME Corporate is designed for ease of access to make any necessary changes.  Au

- Customisable automatic changes

LIME Corporate is customised to make automatic changes when required. 

- Improve content quality

LIME Corporate will allow you to generate content that is current, complete and accessible. 

- Create customised pages or use existing templates

An unlimited number of templates can be created and customised for your access needs when using LIME Corporate.

- LIME Corporate can be optioned with a shopping cart

If you trade online then you will find our LIME Corporate Shopping Cart invaluable.   

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