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by Elysys

NAVCash is an indispensable tool for any organisation that needs an integrated accounting and treasury management solution because it carries out borrowing, lending or depositing of cash.

The activity can be either a mainstream operation, e.g. that of a finance institution, deposit taker or simply the user can have any other core business activity and undertake such transactions as part of its internal cash management and treasury operations.

Any such entity will need to:

- schedule the future inflow and outflow of cash for liquidity purposes
- evaluate its exposure to interest costs on its borrowing or its revenue stream on any lending and deposit transactions
- manage the accounts of external parties with which credit or debit arrangements of whatever type may have been made.

NAVCash includes many features which enable users to maximise efficiency of cash management operations, improve accuracy and minimise workload in both front and back office operations.

Specifically users can:

- Take advantage of the diversity in methods of treating loans, borrowings and deposits, satisfying most methods of amortisation, calculation of interest, etc.
- Benefit from customised accounting treatment with user definable classes and specific posting rules
- Create automatic sequencing of transactions with predefined format
- Loans, borrowings and deposits are linked to the General Ledger and all relevant accounting entries are posted automatically
- Operate with complete multicurrency capability
- Manage user definable fees and commissions, payable or receivable (amounts or percentages)
- Link to CRM module to enhance their marketing, prospecting and follow up of customer operations.
- Produce invoices, statements and any other necessary documents

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