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by Elysys

NAVInvest is a vertical application delivered as an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Investment and Portfolio Management Companies. The software provides an integrated front to back office solution for the management of paper and cash investments, including Equities, Bonds, Hedge Funds, Derivatives, Forex, etc. By means of “straight through processing” users can record and manage transactions from the point of originating a trade, to settlement and accounting with a single point of entry.
Integration to external sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters enables users to mark-to-market and restate for currency changes individual investments or even entire business units at the stroke of a button. Accounting entries are generated automatically, based on user defined rules, with complete compliance to IFRS, US GAAP and other international requirements. Taxes can be defined in accordance with local requirements and incorporated in the transactions.
Unlimited multi-currency and multi-company capability, real time portfolio views including traded and settled transactions, provisional entry capability, transfer and switch functions and other advanced features provide a powerful platform for Asset Management Companies and Family Offices to manage and control their operations.
Flexible user defined group security enables complete audit trail and control of transactions for compliance purposes. Reporting can be enhanced through SQL Reporting Server and SharePoint portals providing instant information to analysts, back and middle office as well as management.

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