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NAVconnect - connects Dynamics NAV with the ecommerce world

by m+p business solutions GmbH

We facilitate online trading through our certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, which facilitates the seamless interaction between the ERP system and the online marketplaces eBay and Amazon, as well as the shop systems Magento, OFBiz, Intershop and any more. This complete integration means that the entire bulk of online trade transactions can be conveniently processed via Dynamics NAV's secure business platform.

With its online marketplace modules, Microsoft Dynamics NAV's range of services can be expanded to cover the complete processing of transactions on eBay, Amazon and in the webshop. Dynamics NAV enables you to manage your online offers directly and does away with the need to handle internet dialogues or use other software solutions for displaying and offering your products as well as tedious order processing. With the online marketplace modules, you can work in an integrated, up-to-date, safe and low-cost manner. The system-independent real-time interface permits any shop solution to be connected to Dynamics NAV. Based on the most advanced web standards, you can then manage your webshops directly from Dynamics NAV.

- More shops using the same customer login
- Managing the category tree
- Placing articles by clicking the button
- Updating stocks in real time
- Product descriptions in several languages
- Bulk prices for each group of customers
- Price increases and reductions per article type
- Time and volume-dependent special offers
- Alternative and complementary cross-selling
- Automatic FTP upload of images
- Real-time transmission of shop orders
- Administration of attributes and sets of attributes
- Taking orders from third parties
- Freely selectable task planner
- support download items
- support fulfillment Provider
- Support affiliate Marketing
- Support personalized items

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