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PHOCAS - Business Intelligence Solution for Sales Driven Organisations

by Phocas

PHOCAS uses the world's simplest Business Intelligence interface to enable front line Sales and Management staff, working in companies with extensive product ranges and many customers, to sell more products, at higher margins, with less effort than before.

Simple to use: PHOCAS is simple, easy to use and has been specially designed for use by non-technical staff. Even IT-illiterate users are up and running in a few hours.

Simple to achieve your objectives: PHOCAS' simple 'interactive intelligence' software allows you to follow a train of thought through all of your sales data. This means you can find the answers you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

PHOCAS alerts the user whenever there is an opportunity or threat based on factual sales history/previous buying patterns and allows for effective cross and link selling to customers. Additional benefits include a new customisable dashboard that enables the combination of alerts and graphs within one report, which can be exported into Microsoft products for collaboration and distribution to non-users.

Its extreme flexibility and customization enables organisations or individual users to customize the dashboard to suit their unique preferences and requirements. Microsoft SQL Server enables the highest levels of scalability, unlimited flexibility and security and a summarized database structure that offers remarkable speeds for end users. Benchmark tested alongside various world-class BI and reporting solutions, PHOCAS has consistently returned the fastest and most accurate results.

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  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

Phocas BI

Reviewed by:Provet_Aus Reviewed on:29/03/2011

  • 4.5
  • Overall Rating 4.5 stars

Phocas is brilliant

Reviewed by:Paul-at-Staedtler Reviewed on:12/08/2010

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