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PanatrackerGP for Field Sales

by Panatrack

When your workforce needs to capture transactions outside of your four walls, turn to the PanatrackerGP Field Sales and Inventory solution. As an extension to your Microsoft Dynamics GP database, you can synchronize inventory and customer details to capture sales and inventory transactions at the time and place they occur: at the customer site, on the job, or on the sales floor.

PanatrackerGP Field Inventory is an ideal solution to record inventory for jobs, service activities or projects. If you have a remote location without a continuous network connection, PanatrackerGP can provide a solution to handle basic inventory tracking including inventory receiving and transfers.

Streamline your sales operations and eliminate handwritten forms and paper-based tracking. Capture sales transactions for both order taking and van, truck or tradeshow sales. Manage customer deliveries and add delivery confirmation with signature capture.

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