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PanatrackerGP for Fixed Assets

by Panatrack

Your assets must be managed both financially and physically. By adding a bar code asset label, you will add accuracy and efficiency to properly track and control your assets.

PanatrackerGP for Fixed Assets leverages your Microsoft Dynamics GP Fixed Asset module. Using a handheld computer, PanatrackerGP provides an easy-to-use interface to quickly scan the asset tag to update who has it or where it is located without direct access to Dynamics GP. Our unique platform allows you to synchronize details to the mobile computer and take it with you.

PanatrackerGP supports capturing asset information for the following tasks:
• Add New Asset Record: Tag and scan a unique asset identification label for each asset and capture key physical details about that asset. Automatically create the corresponding asset record in GP where the financial data can then be added.
• Update Asset: Update the asset record assignments for location, custodian, master asset ID, or the user definable fields used for additional asset tracking.
• Assign Asset Label ID: The Asset Label ID is defined in Dynamics GP as the related bar code asset ID to be used for a physical inventory for example. This may be the same as the Asset ID. PanatrackerGP uses the Asset Label ID for all asset-related transactions. For existing assets, a Label ID may need to be assigned or a new Label ID may need to be assigned.
• Physical Inventory – Validate Asset: This transaction validates the current asset location. An asset discovered in the incorrect location can be automatically updated with the correct current location during the validation.

Your database of Fixed Assets already exists in GP. Using PanatrackerGP allows the company to take control of what it owns, who has it, and where it is.

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