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PowerStudio - PC Power Management

by Certero Australia

PowerStudio saves energy, reduces CO2 and quickly lowers electricity bills for PCs, Laptops and Thin Clients.

PowerStudio® is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide web based PC Power Management Solution. A Complete solution that has no dependencies on third party products (i.e. Microsoft SCCM). By applying centralised computer power policies organisations can reduce their carbon footprint and Save thousands on electricity bills. PowerStudio® provides an accurate baseline figure of PC power Usage including the ability to remotely shutdown and wake PC clients and intelligently save and reload applications and documents.

PowerStudio® is the recommended solution under the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) Framework and Certero is the No. 1 Supplier PC Power Management supplier to the NHS.

Key Features:

- Identify daily, monthly and annual trends of computer power usage
- ENERGY STAR database provides accurate PC consumption values
- Create any number of power schemes and profiles for different job roles
- Add multiple locations and set appropriate electricity tariff with support for dual rate electricity
- Simple to use web console that deploys the agent, groups PC's and applies policies
- Integrate with one or more Active Directory domains to import PCs and User Accounts
- Document Manager enables automatic saving, closing and opening of applications and documents
- Automatically lock workstations and switch off monitors when computers are idle

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  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars


Reviewed by:RamesABala Reviewed on:8/02/2013

  • 5.0
  • Overall Rating 5 stars

PowerStudio is an excellent solution

Reviewed by:RubenTheva Reviewed on:8/02/2013

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