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SharePoint LMS & Office 365 Integration

by ELEARNINGFORCE International

SharePoint LMS supports Microsoft Office 365 which transforms your learning management system into a much more personal site. Your mailbox, calendar, document library and chat will be available directly within SharePoint LMS. Furthermore, teachers can utilize their online materials inside a course without downloading and uploading.

The Office 365 integration makes it possible in SharePoint LMS to:
Access own materials with single sign-in
Check email and manage your contacts
Manage tasks and appointments in your calendar
Organize your SharePoint Online document libraries and use your files in LMS courses
Chat with friends, teachers, colleagues etc.

How does the integration work?
At ELEARNINGFORCE International we have developed a number of web parts which are connected to Office 365. These web parts are made available within SharePoint LMS and can be added anywhere on the LMS and course pages.

The administrator of the page determines which web parts to add on a page and where to add them. When the user enters the page she will be able to view her own emails, appointments and will not be confused by irrelevant information.

About Office 365
It’s the free, familiar and reliable Windows Live Hotmail with your organization’s name on it for students and alumni. But it’s more than just e-mail. It provides students, staff, faculty and alumni applications to use for online collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Office 365 includes programs and services designed to increase your campus’ ability to collaborate and communicate including calendars, mobile alerts, document sharing, blogs, instant messaging, video chat, mobile access and address books.

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