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SportsRM™ - Sports Relationship Management

by JayThom

SportsRM® has been developed to address the complex relationship, membership, ticketing, sponsorship, events, case/complaint, social networking, grants/funding, volunteer, and communication requirements found in the sports industry. Add to this the ability to manage financials and merchandising and you can see this solution extends to many areas of the Microsoft suite of applications. Extending this direct relationship we also enable sports associations to provide a managed service to their member affiliates therefore lowering costs and time for delivery while ensuring a single view of people in the individual sports field.

Move the unstructured data from your social networking environments to the structured CRM platform for targeted ongoing communication.

- SportsRM™ consolidates customer information
- Detailed information improves customer service, marketing campaigns and sales techniques
- Tracking fan sales and merchandising information opens previously untapped revenue streams

SportsRM™ Smarter Decision Making with a Centralised View

- Find new sponsors effortlessly with track-and-measure targeted marketing and sales campaigns
- View business generated from your last mail-out
- Measure success rates of changing marketing tactics and use results to tweak your focus
- Gain insights into your internal operations and identify problems to implement a corrective plan

SportsRM™ Efficiency Gains with an Integrated, Easy-to-Use System

- From ticket sales to marketing campaigns, all CRM data is centralised.
- Comprehensive functionality in one easy-to-use system will make your people more efficient
- Improves your club's customer service and puts you in a position to identify and use information for a more informed decision making process
- Users will work from their familiar MS Outlook, Word and Excel applications on a daily basis.

The ability to choose a fully hosted or on-premise deployment allows your organisation to purchase as an operational or capital cost depending on your individual requirement.

The flexibility, extensibility, and integration capabilities of SportsRM™ mean that you will be happy with this system as your business grows or even changes direction.

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