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The DMS Time Collection Module (TCM) is a comprehensive, integrated solution for time capture, time & attendance and job costing for both salaried and hourly employees. The TCM integrates directly with production, service, and payroll systems to track progress on jobs from the shop floor in real-time and to reduce the effort required to manage a large workforce.

The primary features and benefits of the TCM are:

- Bar-coded production orders to speed shop floor data entry while simultaneously reducing entry errors

- Real-time reporting to evaluate job progression and costing; Ability to capture rework and asset maintenance improves visibility into often neglected cost areas

- Intuitive user interface for the shop floor (emulates the look and feel of a paper time card) to speed adoption, reduce training, and reduce entry time and errors

- Consistent user interface for office/salaried personnel to simplify tracking of non-shop time and attendance

- Flexible organization hierarchy to allow for multi-level approvals of time; Collaboration tools allow the payroll department to communicate time card issues directly to responsible personnel

- Simple and efficient tools for reviewing time entries and finding anomalies to reduce amount of time validating payroll

- Configurable work types, payroll codes, project types, and shift patterns adapt to all potential workforce configurations

- Customizable payroll rules for calculating overtime significantly reduce the effort required to validate payroll

- Integration with internal or external payroll systems eliminates manual double-entry to ensure accurate payroll processing

- The Time Collection Module is now certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

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