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Trade+ for Dynamics

by Flintfox

Also known as TPM for Dynamics, the solution enables manufacturers of consumer goods, other manufacturers and distributors to manage all aspects of their trade spend within Dynamics AX or NAV.

This allows for the most effective use of valuable trade funds, whether they are spent providing complex pricing arrangements, MDF and other lumpsum promotional arrangements, or utilised with rebate and fee based incentives. Integration of these processes into Dynamics provides for very efficient management of all trade promotional arrangements, including accruing for commitments and the settlement of claims and deductions.

Benefits of TPM for Dynamics include:

- Allows companies to step up from ad-hoc spreadsheets into a system that unifies all aspects of Trade Promotion Management processes, integrated and embedded as a module within Dynamics AX itself.

- The Dynamics menu has a TPM option for all trade specific functions. Dynamics Customer, Item, Sales Order and other relevant screens have quick access to related Advanced Trade functions.

- Unlimited Date sensitive attributes, or Dynamics customer and product group memberships enable automated inclusion and exclusion on Price Lists, Promotions, Fees and Rebates.

- Price lists and Promotions referenced by pricing engine during sales order and invoice processing, ensuring all qualifying agreements are taken into consideration.

- Fee, Rebate and Commission calculations run as batch jobs. Once approved, payment also automated.

- Accruing for expected promotional billbacks and lumpsums, and for fees and rebates also automated (normally batched overnight), with workflow approval before posting.

- Assisted matching of Claims and Deductions to promotional events, or categorization for spoils, unsaleables, etc.

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