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Ubi Messaging

by OneNimbus

Connecting People Anytime. Anywhere.
Communications are a critical part of today’s business environment. Responding quickly to customers and events is important for all businesses. Ubi Messaging delivers today’s most flexible communication solution by integrating unified communications with your current business processes.

One Message. More Possibilities.
When timing is critical or you have multiple people to contact, Ubi Messaging makes it easy to deliver your message regardless of how the recipient chooses to be notified. For example:
• Ubi Messaging can deliver messages via Email, SMS and Voice – to any provider.
• Ubi Messaging can convert text to speech, then phone one or hundreds of thousands of individuals, and speak your message.
• To help ensure your message is delivered successfully, any message that is not initially successful can be re-sent multiple times - until it has been successfully delivered.
• And Ubi Messaging reporting will ensure you know who’s been contacted successfully and when.

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