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Xpect Accounting and Business Management Solution


Xpect provides for your retail, point of sale, inventory, general ledger, customer relationship management and e-commerce needs. Draw new domestic and international clients to your website where they can purchase items on-line, receive up to date information
and be encouraged to repeat their patronage.

Xpect is an intelligent, adaptable and fully-integrated Accounting and enterprise Business Management solution designed for the needs of today’s businesses available either on your premises or hosted by us.

It provides tools that allow you to decrease costs, manage inventories, provide faster sales/order processing, and manage your e-commerce and online initiatives whilst maintaining a clear view of your customers and prospects activities. All this in one easily
mastered package.

Xpect’s advanced and powerful features include:

- Point of Sale

With an easy to use graphical user interface, the point of sale module offers the most up to date features. POS operations are so simple, even the most inexperienced staff can operate it with ease.

- E-Commerce

Xpect is fully e-commerce enabled, making the launch and management of a web store both simple and trouble-free. 

- Warehouse and Stock

Xpect offers complete multi-location inventory control, integrating the tracking of stock levels at all stores and warehouses.

- Back Office

View transactions, inventory levels, staff hours, or whatever other information you require at any moment and anywhere.

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