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Fenwick Software Pty Ltd

Agiles Workflow for Dynamics NAV

by Fenwick Software Pty Ltd

agilesWorkflow extends Microsoft Dynamics NAV to better manage, simplify and automate processes. It assigns the work, passes it on, and tracks its progress, as well as giving automatic notification of particular events or potential issues.

- Processes are better controlled; there are less delays, errors and mismanagement
of the work
- The most important and time critical work is assigned first and employees don’t
waste time
- Work is automatically forwarded on to the next employee and parallel processing is
easily handled, ensuring processes are completely as quickly as possible
- Managers can focus on more important business issues, rather than on the
administration of tracking of work
- Users are guided through complex procedures, lowering the cost of training staff
- Routine or mundane tasks can be automated helping to improve employee productivity
- Procedures are formally documented and followed exactly, ensuring that the work is
performed in the right way meeting business and regulatory requirements
- Process history is tracked, giving a record of what was done, when and by whom, with
the ability to analyse the performance and the productivity of individuals and teams
- It is easier to understand processes and redesign or a process giving opportunity for
process improvement

Employees can be sure they are working on the right tasks at the right time and are always guided through their work. That means agilesWorkflow is good for the company, good for customers and good for the users.

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