AppStencils Visio Design Stencils

by Cevian

We have developed a set of Microsoft Visio Stencils that enable the design of Microsoft CRM application screens without the need for development resources or access to professional IT Consultants. Our shapes replicate all user interface elements found within Microsoft CRM.

25+ Form Fields
The form fields are the core of the CRM system - the fields store and present all the data and information to the user. Our stencils includes all of the Out of the Box form fields icluding Option Sets, Lookups, Currency, etc. The fields are all fully customizable including the value in the control and the label.

40+ Left Side Navigation Items
The left side navigation is a crucial component in getting the User Experience right in any Dynamics CRM Implementation. Get the design right with these components to ensure the navigation is just right.

30+ Ribbon Items
Create the perfect Ribbon Toolbar view so your customer understands exactly what he is getting. Included are multiple icons and a completely customizable suite of button to create any view you need.

Complete and Customizable Entity Forms
A complete Account, Contact and Opportunity forms are included. An additional, fully customizable, Blank Entity form is provided to ensure you can design whatever you need!

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