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B4B (Banklinks for Business) for Dyamics GP

by Professional Advantage

B4B provides a link between the payables module within Microsoft Dynamics GP, and your bank for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) or internet banking. B4B is an easy to use, sophisticated payment management tool catering for today’s global banking requirements, including the complexities associated with international EFT, as well as saving time and expense.

Benefits of B4B
-Quick and easy to use
-Inherently linked to Dynamics GP ensuring a seamless link to the bank
-Ability to amend bank details with approval path and update SunSystems/GP real-time
-Email notification to defined approvers to authorise changes
-Tight security within B4B plus PGP Encryption for HSBC
-Approval control with role segregation for fraud prevention
-Full systems audit and password control
-Caters for all types of bank formats and supports CHAPS, Faster Payments, SEPA, BACS as formats/banks allow
-A library of over 200 bank formats already available

Features of B4B
-Includes full data encryption and also PGP Encryption to ensure your payment file is safe
-Approval control can be applied with role segregation to help prevent fraud.
-Bank account information for your suppliers is held within B4B, but written seamlessly back to Dynamics GP at the database level. The system includes an approval process for managing these changes.
-Bank details held within the system are validated automatically to comply with the type of payments being made.

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