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NCS Chameleon Ltd

Chameleon's software is a multifunctional, highly visual budgeting, modelling, analysis, planning and reporting tool providing real time, instant information to all managers, not just financial decision-makers.

Budgeting, Modelling, Analysis, Reporting, Planning


Connects live to your database (in most cases) or via data warehouse to General Ledger, Payroll/HR, Sales, Assets, Property, Clinicals etc.

Timely & Online
Interacts live with your database ensuring data integrity and timely information.

Easy Navigation
As simple as a mouse click! Staff can use their existing MS Windows skills to navigate the tree view.

Flexible Data Display
Enquiry results can be displayed as text in the Data Browser window, graphically in the Chart window, or as a dynamic meter view in the Digital Dashboard window.

Multiple Data Views
View your data from multiple databases…browse financial and non-financial data concurrently.

Focused & Conditional Analysis
The filter tree allows you to slice & dice your data and focus on a particular department, cost centre or line item.

Configure & Pinpoint Data
In the Data Browser you can drill down to any layer in your data set with a mouse click. Data can be directly exported to MS Excel, reproducing formats, colours & formula.

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