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Clayko CRM: Integration With Microsoft Outlook For SME

by Clayko Group

Our company, Clayko Group, works to solve the needs of small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses, who have a need for a customer relationship management tool that integrates with their email client, Microsoft Outlook.

Our company's product, Clayko CRM, is a business user application used to monitor and manage customer relationship information in a web environment.

Customers enjoy the following benefits from using our product:

Integration with Microsoft Outlook - allowing users to send Outlook emails from directly in Clayko CRM
Access to more information – all of your client and potential client data is stored in one place
Improved communication - all users can see business notes, emails and phone communications in relation to each client.With Clayko CRM customers can send Outlook emails directly from a client information page within the CRM, and access all customer contact details, business notes and communications from any computer with an internet connection.

These capabilities result in more accurate customer profiling, instant access to client data regardless of physical location and accurate tracking of email and phone communications.

Unlike other products that introduce additional labour to enable email functionality and tracking ours implements directly with Microsoft Outlook, allowing emails to be tracked through both Outlook and Clayko CRM simultaneously.

To learn more about the Clayko Group, and our other products, including imaging, capture and indexing for SharePoint, hosted document management solutions and bulk scanning and indexing services, please contact us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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