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ContactsLaw is a revolutionary new legal practice management system. Designed by practising Western Australian lawyers, ContactsLaw takes a whole-of-life approach, facilitating all day-to-day operations in a law firm.

It replaces traditional CRM, document and matter management, accounting and billing systems, offering a single, centralised solution.

With a broad scope and tightly integrated features, underpinned by a powerful relational database, ContactsLaw helps you capture more information with less effort, and harness it in new and productive ways.

ContactsLaw doesn’t just help you run your business; it gives you the tools and intelligence to:
- make key decisions;
- increase productivity;
- reduce costs and disputes;
- deliver a superior level of service; and
- and add value to your products.

ContactsLaw offers a high degree of customisation, ensuring that your business drives the way ContactsLaw works – and not the other way around!

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