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Nolan Business Solutions

eRequest for Dynamics GP

by Nolan Business Solutions

Nolan Business Solutions’ eRequest is an intuitive, functional, internet based requisitioning system
which seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft
Dynamics GP system and is designed to work the
way you do.

Nolan Business Solutions’ eRequest allows you to leverage the expense and requisition control benefits of traditional purchasing procedures without incurring the associated financial overhead or administrative burden. It helps to eliminate tons of paper forms as everything is done electronically.

eRequest allows you to set up your requisition and expense pages based on the data your users need to enter and fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
GP Purchase Order Processing and Project Accounting. The high level of configuration allows eRequest to be used in a variety of ways to suit your business requirements.

- Data entry form designer
- Real-time lookup and search on Microsoft Dynamics
GP data
- Multi-currency and Buyer ID functionality
- Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP POP
- Requisition against Project Accounting
- Commitment Accounting

- Reduce the paper trail
- Everything is online
- Easy approval setup
- Enables accurate budgeting
- This module helps to reduce the amount of paperwork
and administration and increase cost savings

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