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eRx Script Exchange

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eRx Script Exchange is an electronic prescription gateway integrated into the standard business processes and used to transmit electronic prescriptions between Medical Practitioner and Pharmacy applications in a secure web-based gateway solution.

Developed using the technical expertise of The Simpl Group (New Zealand) and consulting expertise of Microsoft Australia, eRx Script Exchange is easily deployable to a large number of geographically diverse sites in a relatively short period of time. With eRx Script Exchange GP’s can create and forward e-prescriptions to the exchange with no change to their existing business process. The GP provides the patient with a paper prescription but it also contains a unique script identifier and barcode. When the patient presents the prescription at a Pharmacy of their choice, the Pharmacist is then able to pull down the scripts within seconds, again with no change to their business process.

eRx Script Exchange provides a safe and secure gateway by encrypting all transactions at the GP’s desktop then only decrypting them at the Pharmacist desktop. As a result, eRx Script Exchange has no ability to view patient’s confidential data.
These capabilities result in significant patient safety benefits and efficiency improvements for pharmacists. This solution is available to all prescribing and pharmacy vendor software packages ensuring a truly national solution.

Unlike other similar products available, eRx has been built to be scaled up to handle the full volume of scripts dispensed (200 million+ annually)and all medical prescriber and pharmacy sites around Australia. By engaging and deploying though vendors, large number of sites can be deployed in a relatively short period of time across the country.

Pharmacists of eRx Script Exchange enjoy the following benefits:
Reducing the likelihood of keying errors;

Strengthening dispensing accuracy;

Accurate retrieval of prescription data;

Faster retrieval of external repeats with scanning of one barcode (a process which is currently very time consuming).
The ability to pull down original scripts and repeats within 3 seconds may save 30 seconds or more per dispense event. With an average Australian pharmacy dispensing around 40,000 prescriptions per year, this has the potential to save upwards of 300 hours per pharmacy per year. With 5,000 pharmacies in Australia, this provides the potential to save the industry approximately 1.5 million.

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