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Integrated ecommerce solution - eBusiness+

by Hands-on Systems
  • App Type

    Online Application
  • Business Need

    E-Commerce Application Development
  • Works With

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5, SQL Database, Windows Azure
  • Industry Focus

    General - Applicable to All, Retail

eBusiness+ is a platform that integrates your web and mobile solutions with Microsoft Dynamics so you only have one system to manage all your records. As a result your IT maintenance costs are significantly reduced as there is only one system of synchronization between different data sources. It ultimately saves you time, creates efficiency in your business and reduces data entry mistakes.

eCommerce solution built on eBusiness+

eCommerce is a stable and customisable “out of the box” shopping cart solution that uses nopCommerce. It contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend and uses the eBusiness+ platform to integrate with your ERP system.


eCommerce has many features and capabilities designed to help you launch powerful e-commerce solutions.
Front end:
•Manage your product catalog by categories, product attributes such as colour and size, manufacturer
•Fast ordering using one page checkout with Google check out, credit card, or PayPal
•Multiple ways to engage with your customers – by sms, polls, newsletters, blogs and forums
•Suitable for Business to Business and Business to Consumer eCommerce sites
•Supports multi language and multi currency for international trading

For more details on the features go to nopCommerce web-site.
Back end: •No double data entry between your ERP systems and eCommerce website for items, customers, tax settings, item categories, manufacturers, and SKU’s
•Real time update of stock on hand on the website
•Real time order placement from the website
•Real time order status from placement to invoicing

For technical details go to our support pages

•Provide a new sales channel for your customers with an online store
•Less administration queries with regards to stock, availability, choice etc as all information is provide online
•No double data Entry as one source of truth for all your data
•24X7 access to order placement system for your customers
•Deploy your online shopping cart in less than one month
•Minimum upfront investment in hardware as eCommerce is SaaS (Software as a Service)
•Integrated solution – when an order is placed and paid for on your website it is sent automatically to your warehouse for fulfillment

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