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Austral Dynamics

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by Austral Dynamics

The EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) solution provides an interface between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the banking software provided by your bank of choice. It’s fully integrated into Dynamics NAV and it’s easy to use with all major trading banks throughout
Australia and New Zealand.

The EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) solution also includes option to e-mail or fax Vendor Remittance Advices as PDF document to each vendor. It can also be used to generate Direct Debit transfers from Customer’s bank accounts.

If you are already using your bank's software for manual entry of EFT transactions then there are big savings in time and effort to be made. If you're still making payments by cheques then there are significant savings to be made both on your bank charges and
in your company's efficiency by changing to EFT.

By using this solution the customers enjoy the following benefits:

- All Banks Supported

It complies with all Australian and New Zealand banking rules and is compatible with all the banking software. 

- Reduced Costs

No need to issue cheques and mail them to vendors. Neither to receive them from customers. This solution significantly safe money by generating electronic payments or direct debits.

- Improved Cash Cycle

Payment and/or debit transactions processed exactly when you want. No delays.

- Flexibility

Supports multiple bank accounts where each can be from different bank.

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