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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Dynamics NAV

by Hands-on Systems

Once the vendor payment batch has been checked and authorised, the EFT for Dynamics NAV will create an Australian Banking Authority file (aba file) which can be uploaded to any Australian banking software, with the banking software by default including security
measures such as authorising identifications and passwords. EFT for Dynamics NAV gives you the ability to void and recreate the aba file if necessary.

A full history of all EFT’s are kept within Dynamics NAV and can be resent or reported upon at any time.

As vendor bank account numbers are maintained within Dynamics NAV, appropriate levels of security can be administered, and changes to vendor bank account numbers can be monitored and reported upon.


- Reduced Administrative Costs

Printing and mailing cheques is expensive due to cheque stationery costs, printing costs and postage costs.

- All Australian Banks Supported

- Improved Cash Cycle

Using EFT with Dynamics NAV’s standard payment functions allows you to pay vendors based on due dates, taking advantage of any discounts allowed.

- Simple and Familiar To Users

Processing is all performed within the familiar environment of Dynamics NAV so there is little additional training required for users. The process of creating vendor payment batches and creating and uploading aba files is simple to follow.

- Flexible Design

Using the Microsoft technology platform including Dynamics NAV, Word and Excel means that specific business rules can be quickly incorporated into the EFT for Dynamics NAV to align with your corporate policies and procedures.

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