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Envision IT - Australia

Going Places - Promoting Environment and Building Communities

by Envision IT - Australia

Going Places was developed at the initiative of City of Darebin to provide its residents and businesses a common platform to practice sustainability. The program invited people working and living within Darebin City Council to share this platform to share
sustainability ideas and businesses became part as well, both by registering as members as well providing goodies to program participants. This built a whole new community around sustainability.

The program is a ready to deploy portal with moderated discussion boards. After consultation with program managers, it can be deployed in 2-3 weeks. This provides program manager’s ample time and material to make presentations to stakeholders who now have
something tangible to agree upon.

Once implemented, with some promotion the program becomes self propagating in a short time and start delivering tangible results.

The program now if offered to businesses, airports, shopping centres,  townships and city councils where a large number of potential participants exist who need a common platform to get together at their convenience to contribute towards sustainability.


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