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Identity Broker for Empower

by UNIFY Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Identity Broker for Empower Masterpay (Empower) assists your organisation to achieve automated, real-time continuous security and compliance using Empower as your authoritative source for Identity and Role based provisioning.

As the HR System is the natural source of Identity data within an organization, the ability to rely on and manipulate this information is essential for your Empower -reliant organisation to implement Identity and Access Management. Identity Broker for Empower will provide you with a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) approach for enterprise wide provisioning based upon the FIM platform.

Customers enjoy the following key benefits from using Identity Broker for Empower

1. Lower costs of providing and terminating access for employees

2. Quicker (real time) provisioning and de provisioning of staff leading to

- Significantly increased security

- Staff satisfaction

3. Greatly improved compliance with government regulations and audit

4. Increased accuracy and a “single version of the truth” regarding Identity information

5. Lower costs of support based on the automated COTS approach for pricing, technical, support and demonstration information.

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