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Integrated Courts Management Solution (ICMS)

by Unisys Australia Pty Ltd
  • App Type

    On-premises Application
  • Business Need

    Data Management and Migration, Messaging
  • Works With

    Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, Prior Versions
  • Industry Focus


ICMS simplifies court operations, including: recording of sessions; automatic updates of the hearing schedule; the ability to track files as they move among the various courts and offices.

The ICMS approach uses a flexible, modular, component-based architecture enabled with web services—one set of models and code that accommodates the commonalities and distinctions among different court locations, case types and levels of jurisdiction. A single module can be reused to support common payment business processes for everything from filing fees to parking ticket fines. The result is faster, lower-cost implementation.
ICMS is optimized for Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Business Issues the Solution Addresses:
- Single, electronic case file accessible to all courts.
- Electronic scheduling.
- Automatic notification to attorneys and witnesses.

Value of the Solution to Customers:
- Improved staff productivity by eliminating errors caused by entering redundant data.
- Faster response to changes in business processes.

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