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messageLinx is for any organisation seeking increased agility and responsiveness by automating manual communications and integrating line-of-business applications with Microsoft’s Unified Communications platform.

Responding quickly to people and events is important for organisations as time wasted translates into opportunities lost and increased risk. Reducing business latency and errors through the automation of inefficient manual processes via leveraging existing investment in Unified Communications technologies adds capability and flexibility, and can reduce costs and risk.

Any organization responsible for a staff or customers spread over multiple locations can improve communication capacity, efficiency and safety with messageLinx.

- messageLinx can generate any type of UC message, including voice, from a single text source, including a line of business application.

- Send groups IM and/or voice alert messages to staff based on location information provided by the Lync 2010 client (using location policy via IP address).

- Rapidly reach and interact with management, employees and subcontractors out of the office.

- Form teams of people and stay in touch using persistent group callback.

- Can use any combination of voice, SMS, web, IM and email to ensure important messages or alerts are received.

- Replace costly and limited legacy paging systems.

- Replace legacy field communications (when combined with mobile phones).

- Dispatch jobs to contractors and field operations via Lync or mobile phone.

- Completes almost any required messaging tasks in minutes.

- Allows management to view real-time reports on who has been contacted successfully providing valuable feedback to make informed decisions.

- Allows local managers to immediately action their own defensive plan.

- Alert nearby locations of emergency incidents.

- Issue alerts in over 20 languages (based on available Microsoft language packs).

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