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PicNet Pty Ltd

Mouse Eye Tracking

by PicNet Pty Ltd

PicNet's Mouse Eye Tracking service provides a sophisticated, effective (and free) IT solution that maximizes the investment in your website by showing in detail what your visitors are viewing on each page.

Mouse Eye Tracking records the mouse cursor movements of visitors as they view your website and then generates Heat Maps from general cursor movements and from mouse clicks, which can be overlayed over the top of your web page for analysis.

Heat Maps
There are two ways to display Heat Maps on the PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service – a general map of the sectors your visitors are scanning with their eyes, and a more detailed view that shows the pattern of mouse clicks on each area of the page.

This comprehensive information enables you to understand the behaviour of your visitors to your site. You can learn which areas of each page are really read and analyzed by visitors, allowing you to make adjustments accordingly to maximize the value that your visitors receive from each page visited.

Mouse Eye Tracking
The PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service will show you how each user, and the majority of them at once, are reading each page of your site. Again, this will enable you to redesign your pages to maximize the value for your site visitors.

[1] Research* shows that there is a strong correlation (84%) between the regions of website pages scanned by your eyes and the regions visited by the mouse cursor. Additionally, 88% of regions that are not scanned by the eyes are also not visited by the mouse cursor.

(1) Source:

Page Navigation

Page Navigation is a graphical, flexible and navigable method of analyzing the pages visited by your web site users. These dynamic screens provide you with an interactive and informative way to decide what are the most-visited pages and the main flow pattern followed by users when they visit your site. You can therefore maximize your investment by enhancing your design and improving the flow and quality of the most-visited pages.

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