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Reselling and Implementing Adaptiva Client Health

by Dilignet Pty Ltd

Managing ConfigMgr/ SMS clients in large distributed environments is challenging. At any given time 5 – 10% of clients may be broken. This makes it hard for administrators to get 100% success for patch updates and software distributions, compromises computer
health and impacts the end-user productivity.

Adaptiva Client HealthTM performs scheduled or instant health checks, on either a single PC or a collection, to help you maximize the success of your computer management services. Proactively identify issues, automatically remedy them and view detailed reports.
In the Enterprise version, extend health checks and remediation mechanisms without writing a single line of script to ensure a continuously available and updated desktop environment.

Maximize delivery of computer management services

• 100% accountability for distribution and updates

• Real-time visibility – instant check and remediation mechanism

Lower desktop management TCO

• Reduced cost of managing applications, operating systems and PCs

• Ensure PC health – reduce downtime and troubleshooting overhead

Increase productivity

• Provide end-users a secure and available PC environment

• Centralized visibility and control for administrators

Independent Monitoring Framework

Deep server side ConfigMgr/SMS integration. Since we are detecting defective client side infrastructure we do not use ConfigMgr/SMS client side infrastructure for checks.

Tests End-to-End Functionality

Test end-to-end functionality rather than construe the lack of known errors to imply health. E.g. A hardware inventory ping proves that hardware inventory is sent from the client and received at the server. Identify new incidents that cause failure and enhance
your problem management capabilities.

Extensible and Exportable

Extend the client health framework as per your needs. Custom scripts are treated as in-built ones. They run instantly or on schedule, and are integrated with web reports. One can monitor functionality on the PC beyond just ConfigMgr/SMS client health. Scripts
can be replicated across hierarchies and exported into text files for sharing.

Health Checks

40 scheduled or instant checks that can be run on a PC or a collection

• ConfigMgr/SMS agent checks – agent installation, version, service status, site assignment and management point location. Run heartbeat discovery.

• Operating System

 o WMI checks – service status, path, stability patches, re

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