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Baseplan Enterprise 1301 Application (0 Reviews)
•Multi-Company: Complex company structures are catered for with the ability to consolidate financial reports. •Multi-Branch: Any number of branches can be controlled, including time offsets for different...
Release Date: 6/10/2013
Version: 1301
myData (0 Reviews)
Assetic myData is a central strategic register and asset management system for all asset classes, which includes in-built reporting, works tracking and life-cycle costing. It can be integrated with...
Release Date: 1/02/2014
Version: 1.6
myPredictor (0 Reviews)
Assetic myPredictor is an easy-to-use predictive modeling tool that is designed to cater for long-term infrastructure planning. It empowers Asset Managers with financial planning tools and service level...
Release Date: 30/10/2012
Version: 3.0
RGS Booking Management System (0 Reviews)
The RGS Booking Management System provides a comprehensive suite of functionality to manage the process of delivering in-home services from the initiation of the booking through to charging the client and...
Vestige (0 Reviews)
pacITware has developed a tool that provides a comprehensive and dynamic Application Asset catalogue for any size environment without the need for onsite infrastructure or associated configuration...
Release Date: 14/08/2014
Version: 1.1.44
GP Mining Activity Management (0 Reviews)
GP Mining Activity Management module is the end to end solution to help companies engaged in business both coal mines, gold, nickel and other minerals. These solutions help companies mining in the...
Release Date: 10/10/2010