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OnePlaceMail for Outlook to SharePoint
OnePlaceMail Connects Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows File Explorer with Microsoft SharePoint for improved information management. OnePlaceMail will assist with these business...
Release Date: 28/02/2012
Version: 6.1
Infiniti (0 Reviews)
Infiniti Technology Built on proven world-class Microsoft technologies, including the .NET Framework, Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server, Intelledox is a user-friendly solution...
Release Date: 18/07/2013
Version: V8.2.3
RecordPoint: Records Management Made Easy With SharePoint (0 Reviews)
RecordPoint leverages the Microsoft platform to increase productivity and decrease risk associated with legal and compliance issues. This SharePoint product solution enables the automation of business...
Release Date: 30/06/2010
Version: 2.0
Records Management and Compliance Solution (0 Reviews)
At Data Capture Experts, we consider managing records and documents an integral part of the content management lifecycle in SharePoint. We help organisations leverage SharePoint as a practical records...
ai.compliance extender - Enabling SharePoint 2010 for Compliant Information Management (0 Reviews)
ai.compliance extender, the first solution for SharePoint 2010 that is designed to comply with MoReq 2010, provides the additional necessary functionality to enable a fully compliant and cost effective...
Cadac Organice Explorer (0 Reviews)
Cadac Organice Explorer is a smart SharePoint client providing all document management functionality to create, store, search, retrieve, view, check in, check out, edit and revise documents. The user...
Release Date: 8/03/2010
Version: 2010
Cadac Organice Publish (0 Reviews)
Cadac Organice Publish publishes SharePoint documents to another SharePoint document library or to an internal or external SharePoint site. Documents can be published in their native formats, but they can...
Release Date: 1/03/2011
Version: 2011
Cadac Organice: SharePoint based Engineering Document Management (0 Reviews)
Cadac Organice is a software suite for engineering document management and document control and is based entirely on Microsoft SharePoint. Cadac Organice helps project-driven engineering organizations...
Cadac Organice Workbox (0 Reviews)
With Cadac Organice Workbox you can build productive serial and parallel state workflows in SharePoint to automate business processes. Cadac Organice Workbox is a web based solution and provides a...
Release Date: 1/03/2011
Version: 2010 R2
Create SharePoint Site - Govern Site Creation in SharePoint (0 Reviews)
The Site Creation Plus Web Part provides benefits to both SharePoint users and administrators. It gives administrators the ability to better manage the creation of sites by standardizing URL and user...