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BPC Image Rotator (0 Reviews)
The BPC Image Rotator for SharePoint displays images from a picture library and then rotates between them.It is a web part with an atractive transition effect between images. Several web part options...
Release Date: 8/05/2014
Mixed Approval Workflow for SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Mixed Approval Workflow - a FREE add on product for SharePoint. You use SharePoint for document management and find it difficult to create an approval process that allows users to review documents one...
WAND Real Estate Taxonomy for the SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online Term Store (0 Reviews)
Ready to be imported into the SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online term store, the WAND Real Estate Taxonomy has 733 terms and 169 synonyms which cover the three main pillars of a real estate company:...
Release Date: 3/01/2012