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eNoteFile: Clinical Notation In A Seamless, Fully Synchronized Environment
Kiandra originally developed eNoteFile in response to the request to address the clinical notation needs of the Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy sector. However, it quickly became apparent that...
Release Date: 5/05/2010
Version: 2.0
PhysioTools Online (0 Reviews)
The smart way to create personalised exercise handouts - create, print/email and save your handout - choose from drawings, illustrations, photographs and videos - add your own exercises and create...
Quillix Web and MuWave Web-Based Document Capture and Processing System (0 Reviews)
Quillix Capture is a distributed capture process management system that streamlines the process of acquiring and creating documents. Its innovative Web Client provides scanning, importing and indexing of...
Release Date: 1/08/2012
Version: 4.2