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Intranet PortalNow - SharePoint Online template (0 Reviews)
IQBG will accelerate the Intranet configuration and deployment on SharePoint Online via using the IQBG “Intranet PortalNow” Solution Accelerator that includes Corporate wide knowledge base library (incl....
Release Date: 1/02/2011
Version: 2010
Grant Management - Manage Grants in SharePoint (0 Reviews)
Is your organization the recipient of multiple grants from different funding organizations? Do you have trouble keeping track of how much money is left for each, when it needs to be spent, what reports...
KWizCom's SharePoint Rating Solution 1.5.00 (0 Reviews)
Anonymous user rating enabled The SharePoint Rating Solution also supports ratings by anonymous users – ideal for internet web sites!   NEW – Web service Rating API The SharePoint...
Powertrak Member Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (0 Reviews)
Improve business potential, add value to your members, reduce costs and enhance productivity by providing user-specific access to information, applications, and business processes from a single,...
Release Date: 1/05/2011
Version: v10
Steer Course: Course and Training Event Management solution (0 Reviews)
Steer Course is XRM based solution built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, dedicated to Training organizations and Course Providers. It offers standard functionality of Dynamics CRM, including contact directory...
Release Date: 1/06/2012
Version: 2.0