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eCommerce (0 Reviews)
eCommerce is a stable and customisable “out of the box” shopping cart solution that uses nopCommerce. It contains both a catalog frontend and administration tool backend and uses the eBusinessPlus...
Open Windows CONTRACTS - Contract Lifecycle Management including contract sourcing, compliance management and contract... (0 Reviews)
Open Windows CONTRACTS provides a single central repository which is specifically designed to manage the complete contract lifecycle, from sourcing to completion. Open Windows CONTRACTS includes the...
blue-app (0 Reviews)
The blue-app is a modular sales force automation solution for boosting sales, accelerating delivery processes, ensuring full control over all distribution activities, while also making scheduling and...
Release Date: 10/04/2014
ReadSoft Online (0 Reviews)
ReadSoft Online provides a complete solution easily capturing, approving, and managing supplier invoices through a cloud-based interface with your ERP system (such as Microsoft Dynamics). Along with the...
Release Date: 28/06/2013
Version: 2.0
TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD (0 Reviews)
The TwoConnect BizTalk Accelerator for ACORD provides a comprehensive and quick-to-implement ACORD messaging solution for customers using the ACORD XML standards: • Life Annuity & Health -...
Release Date: 1/03/2010
Version: 4.0