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Microsoft RMS Nexpart Automotive Parts Integration (0 Reviews)
Microsoft RMS Nexpart integration enables cashier to look up items using NexPart auto parts catalog software and add items directly to the Microsft RMS Point of Sale screeen. RMS Nextpart also creates the...
Microsoft RMS Rapid PO Receiving (0 Reviews)
Rapid PO Receiving minimizes the number of keystrokes to rapidly create/receive POs during the receiving process. - Quickly create new items or add existing items to the PO receipt with key or scan. -...
Release Date: 1/02/2013
Version: 1.0
MS NAV - VPMS (0 Reviews)
Valve & Pump Vertical Solution from BOSCH RBEI solution is built on Microsoft Technologies and specially customised to meet the challenges faced by Valve and Pump Manufacturing Companies. We shall...
Release Date: 5/05/2010
Version: 2.0
Online Empanelment application for nodal agencies (0 Reviews)
It is a web based online Empanelment system, where Consultant can register and Submit their Projects, Experience, turnover, Manpower and other detailed information in the Consultant Side . On the basis of...
Procurement MIS for large projects for financial analytics and reporting (0 Reviews)
This application can work as sub site in SharePoint as this is built on SharePoint Framework. For large projects if project finance based procurements are happening a nodal agency or granting agency can...
Product Price List Import Tool (0 Reviews)
You normally receive a Price list in an external document and without the presence of an inbuilt automated system you need to manually update the price of each of the products in the price list. This can...
Release Date: 6/06/2011
Version: 2.0
Productivity Pack for Microsoft Dynamics (0 Reviews)
Using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics and this Productivity Pack, you can add value to your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 through: Shortened Receivables time...
Release Date: 1/06/2012
PS Financials (0 Reviews)
PS Financials is specifically designed as a Unified ledger system; which means effectively that every transaction is a general ledger journal and the purpose (such as a sales invoice, purchase payment and...
Release Date: 3/12/2012
Version: 6.0
ReadSoft Invoices (0 Reviews)
ReadSoft Invoices automates the processes of scanning, interpreting, and filing of invoice data in a premise-based environment. No matter how invoices enter your organization – on paper or in any...
Release Date: 15/04/2013
Version: 5.7
ReadSoft Online (0 Reviews)
ReadSoft Online provides a complete solution easily capturing, approving, and managing supplier invoices through a cloud-based interface with your ERP system (such as Microsoft Dynamics). Along with the...
Release Date: 28/06/2013
Version: 2.0