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SunVizion Network Inventory (0 Reviews)
SunVizion Network Inventory is state-of-the-art, cost efficient and customer-proven solution which allows you to capture, store and manage all key data about your network infrastructure, configuration,...
Release Date: 30/05/2014
Version: 13
Unify² BusyOnBusy 2.0 (Lync Version) (0 Reviews)
Microsoft Lync Server 2010 enables users to handle multiple communication sessions concurrently, allowing users to communicate with multiple parties at the same time, place phone calls on hold, or have...
Version: 2.0
Unify² BusyOnBusy 2.5 (0 Reviews)
Unify2 BusyOnBusy 2.5 Microsoft Lync Server 2010 enables users to handle multiple communication sessions simultaneously, thus allowing them to communicate with multiple parties at the same time. Users...
Release Date: 31/07/2012
Version: 2.5
Unify² PowerCall 1.0 (Lync Version) (0 Reviews)
Certain organizations receive many ‘spam’ calls from external users. Automated dialers with computer voice messages make it that much easier for telemarketers and other unwanted callers to call anyone and...
Version: 1.0
Verba Recording System (0 Reviews)
The Verba Recording System is a call recording and contact-center quality-management solution for Microsoft Lync, Cisco and Avaya UC platforms. And it’s the only solution on the market that provides voice...
Release Date: 14/03/2013
Version: 7
WAVE Web Communicator (0 Reviews)
WAVE Web Communicator is a feature-rich web application that allows any office-based or mobile worker to monitor, transmit, receive audio from multiple communication systems such as two-way radio networks...
Release Date: 11/10/2011
Version: 5
XCAPI (0 Reviews)
With XCAPI middleware, we have reached a "milestone" in our software range: a VoIP interface for CAPI 2.0-compatible applications from the areas of UMS, ACD or IVR. It is possible to connect to all...
Release Date: 20/02/2013
Version: 3.3.294
XPhone Essentials - Microsoft Lync Client Add-Ons (0 Reviews)
XPhone Essentials Client add-ons extend the Microsoft Lync Client and supply you with telephony functions enabling you to make phone calls from a wide variety of business applications – at a click of the...
XPhone Essentials Virtual Directory - contact data integration for Lync (0 Reviews)
Contact data forms the basis for all types of company communication. Microsoft Lync is a very good tool for communicating with people if their contacts can be found in the Active Directory or personal...