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CapexPro: Complete Complex Building And Construction Capital Works Management
Our company, Kiandra has teamed with Kremmer Management Group to solve the needs of organizations of all sizes engaged in multiple simultaneous building and construction capital works programs.  The...
Release Date: 1/04/2010
Version: 1.4
Hardcat - Asset Management Software (0 Reviews)
Hardcat software provides "cradle to grave" fixed asset management and is able to track every aspect of the asset's life from initial budget proposal through to final disposal. It consists of a...
Rylson8 (0 Reviews)
Rylson8 is a Total Asset Management Solution designed for organisations seeking to maximise return on investment and improve cost to revenue ratios. Rylson8 brings together Ausenco Rylson’s proven ...
AltaReturn Reporting for Alternative Investments (0 Reviews)
AltaReturn’s innovative Business Intelligence and Reporting platform will give you the power to design, create and analyze data from multiple sources quickly and easily. Our patent pending Calculation...
Version: 2011
Latitudo Total Asset Control (0 Reviews)
Asset Management as a strategy for optimizing efficiency of your company. “Latitudo Total Asset Control “allows an overview of all asset classes: business, production and transport infrastructure. The...
Release Date: 30/12/2011
Version: 2011