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WennSoft Signature Equipment Management (0 Reviews)
WennSoft Signature Equipment Management allows you to maintain control of the profitability, utilization, management, distribution, scheduling, rental and maintenance of your equipment. WennSoft...
Release Date: 28/06/2013
Version: 2012
Agiles Workflow for Dynamics NAV (0 Reviews)
agilesWorkflow extends Microsoft Dynamics NAV to better manage, simplify and automate processes. It assigns the work, passes it on, and tracks its progress, as well as giving automatic notification of...
Breeze Feeds Integrator (0 Reviews)
The Breeze Feeds Integrator brings various feeds right down to your server and the results live in a local Folder. Couldn't be easier. This service fetches data from a variety of sources and delivers...
Release Date: 24/02/2012
Version: V1.0
Cincom Acquire (0 Reviews)
How much better would your business be if you could put serious sales knowledge at the fingertips of your dealers and have a complete, 360-degree view of your entire pipeline across all sales channels? ...
Release Date: 30/06/2011
Version: 20.1.0 Regulatory Organization Approvals (0 Reviews)
Surveillance and Compliance requirements of Regulatory Bodies are placing more and more imposts on management and operations to ensure legislative and regulatory obligations are fulfilled. FastTrack...
Release Date: 1/07/2011
Version: v2.3
Managed BPM (0 Reviews)
Emerio’s BluePrint is a Business Process Management solution for organisations that enable them to achieve a paperless office environment and increase organizational efficiency by many folds. Information...
MEX 14 (0 Reviews)
MEX delivers you simplicity and functionality for management for all your maintenance and inventory needs. The features of MEX include: - Asset register : Management of all the assets contained within a...
Release Date: 1/10/2013
MEX Inspections (0 Reviews)
The MEX Inspections for the Windows Store was developed to make your maintenance life easier by: - making your daily checks and tasks easy to perform, easy to manage and easy to report on. - allowing you...
Release Date: 29/03/2013
ABBA Leasing (0 Reviews)
Premium Leasing System ABBA LEASING was developed on the basis of highly efficient banking system NovoDoba. It reduces the need for human labor, accelerates all processes and with a powerful business...
Release Date: 6/10/2011
Version: 1.0.0
ALVAO Service Desk (0 Reviews)
ALVAO Service Desk brings a system to the work of your IT department. By means of the helpdesk you can easily create a request for the IT or another service department and monitor the procedure of its...