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DATEV-Interface for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (0 Reviews)
The DATEV-interface for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Your assistance for the collaboration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and DATEV. Your benefits: • Flexible Interface: direct as application in your office or...
Release Date: 1/02/2011
Version: 5.0.0
BDSSync CRM/MYOB Connector (0 Reviews)
The connector provides seamless integration between Dynamics CRM 2011 online and MYOB. Business Driven Systems and Myriad IT Technology Solutions have teamed up to provide SME’s with the ultimate...
Release Date: 23/08/2011
Version: 1.0
Data Importer (0 Reviews)
Imports Items, Departments, Categories, Customers and more into Microsoft RMS and supports various file formats such as comma, pipe, or tab delimeted. Multiple configurations and scheduled runs are also...
Release Date: 19/07/2014
eG SQL Monitor (0 Reviews)
The eG SQL Monitor provides in-depth monitoring for Microsoft SQL database servers. By monitoring a database server engine's availability and responsiveness round the clock, the eG SQL server monitor...
HelpDesk OSP for Outlook and SharePoint (0 Reviews)
HelpDesk OSP connects Outlook to SharePoint and can be used for many kinds of issue tracking and user support. E-mails are converted to tickets =SharePoint list items with caller info, images, attached...
Release Date: 26/07/2013
Version: 4
Microsoft Project Server Archive & Recovery Solution (ARS) (0 Reviews)
Microsoft Project Server ARS is a fully automated solution for archiving and recovering your projects and associated SharePoint workspaces. Improves system performance and end-user adoption of Project...
Release Date: 1/07/2011
Version: 3.0
Node Builder (0 Reviews)
Build your own integration objects to any destination! Node Builder provides an easy to use interface that makes creating custom integration objects as simple as using SmartList Builder. Node Builder...
Version: 2013, 2010, 10
Postcode Anywhere Address Auto-Fill and Validation for Dynamics (0 Reviews)
Adding address auto-fill and validation to Microsoft Dynamics is easy with Postcode Anywhere. With full international support for 240 countries, using data from the Royal Mail, Canada Post, TomTom® and...
Release Date: 13/02/2012
Version: 4.0
SmartConnect (0 Reviews)
Create any type of record, any time you want, from any source of data without writing a single line of code! SmartConnect makes integration and automation simple. It focuses on the needs of companies...
Version: 2013, 2010, 10, 9
SNMPv3 Master Agent Service for Windows (0 Reviews)
NuDesign SNMPv3 Master Agent Service is a seamless upgrade of Microsoft SNMPv1/v2c Master Agent Service to secure SNMPv3. The product comes with a redistributable SNMPv3 Agent Configuration Applet. All...
Release Date: 10/05/2011
Version: 10