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InspireHRM, Human Resources & Payroll Management System (0 Reviews)
InspireHRM is a completely web based human resources and payroll management system for facilitating human resource departments of organizations globally. Techno Brain’s InspireHRM, a Microsoft Certified...
Sybiz Visipay (0 Reviews)
Sybiz Visipay is a payroll package for Australian businesses. Sybiz Visipay can run as a stand-alone application or be integrated with Sybiz Vision and Sybiz VSM. The choice is yours! Sybiz Visipay is...
Release Date: 1/11/2013
Version: 13.00
HR & Payroll Operations System/ eOps (0 Reviews)
Web Synergies eOps is a next generation HR system which allows an organisation to manage their internal employees and those who are outsourced to other companies. The system has flexibility to manage... (0 Reviews)
HRMEverywhere is a cloud based Human Resource Management for any size company, from small business to enterprise. You can access the web based interface from anywhere if you have internet access and a...
Release Date: 1/04/2014
Version: 1.0
Human Resource Management System (0 Reviews)
Want to streamline the entire human resource management and recruitment process? Here is a simple, effective and affordable solution to manage human resources for your organization at your fingertips with...
Release Date: 9/09/2013
Version: 1.1