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AIMS Innovation is a hi-tech software company located in Oslo, Norway. We deliver enterprise solutions based on advanced patented technology for pattern recognition, enabling proactivity for our customers.

The AIMS Innovation customer has already invested heavily in integration middelware and integration projects, and needs a proactive software solution to predict serious events that may cause system breakdown. AIMS Innovation technology analyses the system, detect patterns and predicts possible problems. This provides the customer with precious time to react and plan ahead to avoid the problems

Intelligent Microsoft BizTalk Server Monitoring

AIMS for BizTalk prevents costly downtime and performance issues by utilizing automated traffic monitoring of all your BizTalk processes and components.

Unlike other Microsoft BizTalk server monitoring tools, AIMS for BizTalk alerts you before a serious problem arises, pinpointing the exact location needing attention and sending a real-time alert to relevant IT team members.

What's more, AIMS for BizTalk self-optimizes, meaning the software learns your system's normal behavior and modifies alerts over time, becoming more sensitive to potential problems that lead to downtime.

AIMS for BizTalk can be delivered in the following editions:

- Client on-premise - complete install on premise, AIMS server hosted by client. Estimated install time is 2 hours pluss 5 minutes pr agent deployed.

- Client Azure - AIMS server hosted in Azure by AIMS Innovation, client only needs to install the agents(s) on their BizTalk Servers. Estimated install time pr server is 5 minutes.

- Service Provider - scalable solution hosted by AIMS Innovation in Azure, provides a hosting / service-provider with the ability to monitor multiple remote / on-premise BizTalk environments using the same interface.

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