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Anittel is an Australian professional technology and communications services provider. We provide businesses with complete end-to-end solutions that combine IT Support, Telecommunications, Internet and Cloud Services.

Across the nation we understand the importance of local support, which is why we have established 17
regional and metropolitan office locations. Each office has an experienced team of technical engineers and support personnel.

We service a wide range of industries including corporate, education, health, government, utilities and
not-for-profit. We work closely with these customers, to ensure that each solution is designed to meet their specific requirements and business objective.

Solutions & Service

IT, Telecommunications and Internet are rapidly converging fields. While most technology companies
specialise in only one, we have built a team with broad experience across them all.

- IT Support Services: IT Supports Plans & Professional Services

- Internet & Networking: Internet Connectivity & Corporate Networks

- Telecommunications: PSTN /ISDN Fixed line, Mobiles & Inbound 1300/1800

- Cloud Services: Hosted Online Services

- Hardware & Software: Procurement of IT & Telecommunication Products

Anittel customers leverage a national pool of resources, skills and experience, whilst working with local support teams to help manage all aspects of business technology and communications.

With one call your business gains the convenience, accountability and value of a single trusted partner.

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