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Bright Software, an Australian specialist business mobility vendor helps medium to large businesses achieve true efficiency within their mobile workforce. We develop mobility solutions using the Bright Mobility Suite, an integrate enterprise mobility middleware platform, that provides the tools needed to mobilise business IT systems (e.g. ERP, CRM systems etc) out to field workers using Windows Mobile devices (i.e. PDA’s, Laptops and Tablet PC’s)

The demands of today’s dynamic, global business ecosystem dictate that in order for businesses to remain competitive, they must employ technologies that increase efficiency by enhancing their business processes. This is especially important for mobile workers, who are constantly constrained by tedious manual processes (e.g. paper-based processes) and by not having visibility of required business data at critical decision points.

To address this, Bright Software provides mobile computing solutions that align to and enhance the business processes of the relevant users and empowers mobile workers to rapidly capture or access their required business information, on-demand, from virtually any location.

Our core product is “The Bright Mobility Suite”. It comprises:
1) BrightBuilder™ Mobile Application Designer
2) BrightForms™ Mobile Device Engines (for Win32, CE.NET & Pocket PC)
3) BrightServer™ Mobility Data Gateway
4) BrightIntegrator™ Integration Engine

For further information or to obtain evaluation software, please visit our website(s) at or

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