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e5 Workflow

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Company Overview

Founded in Australia in 1989, e5 Workflow specializes in building and optimizing the Microsoft platform by offering human productivity improvement solutions based on workflow and process management technologies and methodologies that integrate human-to-system and system-to-system touch points.

The company focuses on enhancing revenues and reducing cost in key verticals of Banking, Insurance, Health, Superannuation and Government by deploying its flagship product e5 Workflow, a Microsoft.NET based layer of intelligence that captures, indexes, monitors, manages and measures all forms of communications and related processes.

Solution Overview

e5 Workflow digitizes structures and automates back office communication, such as email, letters, and forms, and optimizes such processes, increasing productivity by up to 65 percent. The solution provides the basis for self-service portals and its digital warehouse enables automation of many repetitive processes in the health, finance, credit card and insurance industries. e5 is also designed to handle many regulations governing compliance, licensing, administration, infringement processing, ministerial correspondence, grant issuing and management. e5 Human Workflow is also designed for integration into back-office processing for service based industries such as health claims, wealth administration, credit card processing, loans, insurance and varying government agencies exist. Solution Features e5 Human Workflow is based on the Microsoft® .NET™ framework and allows easy customization and scalability. The system uses Microsoft® Office 2007 Edition at the user interface level and the powerful server functionalities of Microsoft® Windows Server™ , Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ and Microsoft® BizTalk. SQL Reporting Services extends the system’s reach to employees throughout the organization who need access to operational reports and business activity monitoring.

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