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Hardcat SaBRe provides a law-enforcement information-management solution enabling police forces
to manage the evidence and forensic process electronically. This provides a single source of truth in relation to crime-scene forensics evidence, subsequent analysis, dissemination of results, and court reports. Streamlined processes free up valuable resources for front-line operations, giving police more time to investigate crime.

Hardcat Asset Management software is a powerful, easy to use system, boasting a modular design to allow users to choose the areas of functionality they require. It has been implemented at more than 1000 of the world's largest organisations in over 120 countries since introduction in 1986. Hardcat has been installed to manage the assets of clients in virtually every field of business imaginable, from IT assets to railway tracks, from airconditioning systems to military hardware. Our product boasts the flexibility to be adaptable to almost any conceivable end-use scenario.

Hardcat Asset Management records and reports everything you need to know about an asset's movements, performance and life-cycle - from initial purchase requisition to final disposal. The solution ensures that details relevant to every aspect of the asset are available in a single comprehensive view. The software also features extremely powerful searching, reporting, import and export functionality to ensure effective and efficient management of your valuable investment in fixed assets.

Hardcat provides comprehensive, professional business services to complement its software. These include Project Management, Data Capture Resources, Periodical Stock Takes, and Financial Reconciliation of 'old' registers migrating to Hardcat.

Hardcat's Services extend even to the customisation of the interfaces and reports you generate. Hardcat customers can enjoy the benefit of a unique web browser-based interface tailored to their exact requirements, yet without forgoing the stability, low cost and regular software updates of the underlying Hardcat application as a standard off-the-shelf solution.

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