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Phone: 02 8978 2000 x959
Fax: 02 8978 2020

Insight helps you streamline the way you select, purchase and manage software throughout its entire lifecycle. We work with you to explore all the software licensing options. You'll be able to more effectively manage your organisation's licensing requirements while getting the best long-term value from your technology software.

When you purchase software licenses from Insight, you get a complete range of support services including cost analysis, financing, licensing deployment, software migration services, software reporting and tracking, integration services, contract administration and much more. We also keep you informed about milestone purchases so that you remain eligible for desired discount levels.

Clients all over the world have trusted us to implement their volume license agreements since 1992-that's when we executed the very first one for Microsoft. Today, Insight manages hundreds of thousands of volume license agreements, all with the goal of helping clients simplify the entire software lifecycle. We help you trim per-unit prices, standardise software products and take advantage of volume license and maintenance (VLM) agreements. Your business benefits from:

Reduced training and support costs
Increased savings through electronic commerce
Automated technical support
Efficient asset management

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Microsoft Partner
Gold Data Platform
Gold Management and Virtualization
Gold Software Asset Management
Gold Volume Licensing
Silver Collaboration and Content
Silver Communications
Silver Devices and Deployment
Silver Messaging
Silver Mobility