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Phone: (03) 9660 5500
Fax: 03 9654 3899

Mintec Systems Pty Ltd is an established provider of custom software solutions. Since 1979 Mintec has provided systems for the mining, aviation, rail transport, health, environment, insurance, telemarketing, small business and government sectors. The size and scope of these developments range from technical systems requiring 10+ man-years development, to small CRM systems for telemarketing promototions that require only a few weeks.

Mintec specialises in forming long term relationships with customers. Our solutions can be more seen as a service. We assist customers to achieve the maximum return from their information systems.

Mintec provides both business solutions and technical solutions. The business solutions are often SQL server based. The technical solutions often involve complex protocols to communicate with a variety of devices.

Mintec provides both fixed price quotes or time and material services whichever suits the situation best. Mintec also adopts a modified approach dependant on the customer requirements. We do work for safety organisations that require extreme testing and documentation. We also work for customers that require the quickest solution possible.

We would be happy to discuss any opportunity.

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